DIY bike maintenance

It’s not a secret that bicycles are often the cheapest and easiest way to get around. But, what is a secret is how much work goes into maintaining these bikes. It can be hard for some people to find time to do so themselves with their busy schedules; luckily there are many opportunities for those […]

7 Healthy Drinks You Can Pack for Cycling

Cycling is a strenuous activity that can easily dehydrate you. You’re bound to feel tired and thirsty after covering some distance. Therefore, you need to drink something to replace fluids lost from sweat and other body activities and rehydrate your body. Otherwise, your cycling performance can deteriorate. Pack drinks of your choice while going out […]

10 Forms of Recreation You Can Engage in Without Polluting the Environment

There’re many recreational activities individuals may engage in to shake off stress and anxiety. They range from physical, social to art and craft activities. However, some of these activities spell doom, not just for the players, but for the environment. Do you want to avoid situations of running into problems with law enforcement while relishing […]

Pistol For Self Defense for Non-Profit Organization

Some nonprofit making organizations at a time engage in activism just to prove a point. Look at an organization that runs a campaign against the government tax policy. This is as sensitive matter since the government may feel that their plans are going to reach a dead end. In this campaign, they may organize a […]

Is It Safe To Wash a Bike With Softened Water?

Are you a fun of sporting activities? If that’s the case, which sporting gadgets to you use while undertaking your daily activities? Just to offer you a piece of advice, a bike is perhaps one of the best sporting gadgets that you should never miss due to the numerous benefits it offers. In order to […]

Mig-welders: The Best Tool For Bike Frame Repair

If you are that proud owner of a bike, then you should also think of acquiring a MIG-welder. Mig welders do offer the user with actually amazing benefits and also the best welding experience. Mig welding is actually an electronic welding process that uses a wire or rather a spool of a continuously fed wire […]

Why You Should Have A Gun While Biking

A pre-requisite that must not be missed! Those who love biking will tell you what a phenomenal experience it is to be able to enjoy the wilderness as if the place you are in is embracing you in its sanctity. Usually, where one would like to bike is either in a mountain region where one […]

St. Louis, Missouri Bike Trails

There are many bike trails, as well as the many well-paved roads in the St. Louis area, to spend a warm summer’s day, just pedaling away. The following links will take you to these trails, and give you a place to escape on those cold Midwestern winter nights. The master plan is to eventually construct […]