5 Cool Bike Accessories and Gargets Every Cyclist Needs to Boost their Performance

Are you a professional or hobbyist cyclist?

If yes, you’re in the right place.

Cycling has turned out to be one of the fastest-growing sporting activities in recent years. In the last ten years, according to the National Travel Survey, the number of cycling fanatics has grown by 16 percent

This makes it the third most popular sport nationwide. This is no doubt to the exploits of biking heroes Laura Kenny, Bradley Wiggins, and Chris Froome.

However, bicycles are infinitely adjustable, with all types of gizmos to make your rides more practical, comfortable, and secure. For those new to cycling, having the necessary gear and accessories can make you stand out from the rest. 

While a helmet is a requisite, all other accessories are optional. This gives you a chance to choose based on your convenience needs and type of riding.

Ranging from tire pumps to bottle cages, here are essential accessories every cyclist should own to boost their performance:

  • Helmet
  • Bike pump
  • Grilling accessories
  • Bottle cage
  • Phone mount

5 Essential Biking Accessories Every Cyclist Can Use to Improve Cycling Performance

  1. Helmet

It’s with no doubt a must-have accessory and wallet-friendly option for all cyclists. All helmets sold in the U.S. ought to meet safety standards as per the Consumer Products Safety Commission.

The only difference narrows down to style, ventilation, aerodynamics, coverage, and fit (most of them come in different sizes-small, medium and large sizes). With around $60- $250, you are sure to find your preferred helmet that suits all your needs.

  • Bike pump

Having air in your tires is essential and relatively easier to standardize your pressures with a bike pump at your disposal. Unless you want to be jogging to the bike shop whenever your tires are low, get yourself a bike pump.

Look for dual valve heads that fit both Presta (found in gravel and road bike tires) and Schrader (hybrid, cruiser, and mountain bikes). The Bontrager charger pump consists of a dual head for both valve types coupled with a base flange and an easy-to-read gauge.

  • Grilling accessories

Ever wondered if a little yank, such as consuming something different, might boost your cycling performance? Well, consuming grilled foods such as Salmon ought to drastically improve your level of performance and recovery.

According to Jay Udani, a clinical professor at the University of California, Omega-3s in most grilled foods increase blood flow. It washes out inflammatory cells in injured muscles, reducing soreness in your muscles for a better cycling experience.

To get the most out of your ride, it’s essential to have the necessary grilling accessories at your disposal. They include:

  • A Nordic ware aluminum half sheet ensures equal disposal of food to the grill and separates raw and cooked foods.
  • Oil sprayer- Used to add oil to food.
  • Grilling gloves- Keeps your hands safe from extreme temperatures. They are thick enough to protect you from temperatures of up to 932 degrees.
  • Tongs- Used for turning steak to ensure they cook evenly.
  • Grilling mat- Due to its uniform surface, it enables you to cook various foods from pancakes to streaks. With a perfect grill mat for your kitchen, you’re also bound to create less mess and easily clean afterwards.
  • Spatula- It contains a broad head enabling you to easier flip pizza or big fish.
  • Grilling basket- Keeps food contained and enables you to cook on two sides just by flicking the handle.
  • Bottle cage

Many bikes come with a nicely fitted frame mount for a bottle holder, yet they don’t contain the holder itself. You’ll need a snug but lightweight holder so that your bottle doesn’t fly while riding on rough roads.

Many people prefer the Supacaz Fly cage over any other bottle cage due to its slick metallic colors and minimalist design.

When it comes to owning a bike, cyclists don’t care what pair of pants they’re wearing. But, my helmet and bottle cage have to match.

  • Phone mount

While it may be dangerous ridding with your phone on a bike, it’s necessary to secure your phone on your bike to follow GPS or maps hands-free easily.

Despite various options to choose from out there, Quad lock is the only mount that genuinely keeps your phone intact. This lets you focus on your rides for improved performance.

Final Thoughts

Go for your preferred accessory when you have the chance to do so, buy used items. You can also opt for brand new discount accessories in the stores.

However, never limit yourself from spending on items that will help boost your cycling performance, in the long run. With the accessories discussed in this article, you’re bound to enjoy better performance.