10 Forms of Recreation You Can Engage in Without Polluting the Environment

There’re many recreational activities individuals may engage in to shake off stress and anxiety. They range from physical, social to art and craft activities. However, some of these activities spell doom, not just for the players, but for the environment. Do you want to avoid situations of running into problems with law enforcement while relishing some indulgent thrills? Here are some recreational activities you can carry out without polluting the environment.

1. Cycling

For most of it, cycling is more beneficial than detrimental, if at all it is. It doesn’t just reduce the risk of chronic diseases, like heart attack and cancer, but it’s also a non-pollutant. As you ride in the company of others or on the road less traveled, you can be sure that you’re doing your body some good at no cost.

2. Attend a Comic-Con Event

Perhaps, you’re a fan of comic con books, films, and games. It wouldn’t be out of place to mark your calendar for the next comic con convention like the Ottawa comic con. Don yourself in your choicest costume and props to perfectly replicate your favorite comic-con character. You might just be on your way to being the next famous cosplayer in recent times while having the fun of your life. There’s a catch though, make sure the attire you don is 100% safe for the earth. Be an ambassador for environmental sustainability, even while having fun.

3. Hiking and Camping

You can put your spare time to good use by hiking and camping. You may decide to have a day hike or camp for two to three days. Hiking does not cause any environmental disturbance, as it can take place in any backcountry of your choice. Remember to plan your itinerary to the last detail.

4. Kayaking

If you relish water scenery or its feeling as you sail, kayaking would surely give you the utmost pleasure. It’s an environmentally friendly activity. When there’s a suitable water level, fish stocks aren’t prone to danger while kayaking. It’ll be more fun if you kayak with a friend.

5. Sky Diving

Also known as parachuting. It’s beneficial to the mind of a skydiver, as it’s exhilarating to dive from an airplane down into the earth. A good skydiver is well trained and courageous. Enjoy phenomenal freedom in the company of your friends and make the most jaw-dropping maneuvers.

6. Bowling

Are you a sharpshooter? If you take pleasure in hitting the bullseye of your target, bowling will undoubtedly whet your urge. There are two categories of bowling; the pin bowling and target bowling. To enjoy the former, make sure you kick down pins at the end of a lane every time you roll the bowling ball in the direction of the pins. You can cause a strike when you collapse the pins at the front line. You achieve a spare if your bowling ball knocks down all the pins at the second roll.

Target bowling, on the other hand, entails rolling the bowling ball close to a mark as much as you can. Keep up your camaraderie by enjoying this game with your buddies.

7. Golfing

The marriage between club and ball began from the invention of the game of golf. Players use different clubs to pummel balls into several holes on a course. The aim is to get it done with few strokes. Being a professional or affluent golfer like the famous Tiger Woods is not a prerequisite to participating in this activity. Thus, even as a novice, you can give it a try. It’d be fun even if you get whooped instead of the ball.

8. Ping-Pong

Also known as table tennis. An excellent eye and hand coordination would keep you afloat in this game. You may decide to play it within the comfort of your home or at any sports center. It stimulates the mind and body, serves as an aerobic exercise, and begets social interaction. Ping-pong has the edge over other recreational activities because it’s rarely harmful.

9. Mountaineering

Mountaineering simply means climbing mountains. It’s more feasible and fun during weekends, especially Saturdays. Mountaineering for recreational purposes does not require any golden rule or regulation before commencing. Not only would you be climbing for fun, but you’ll also improve your flexibility. Always carry at least an emergency shelter along because weather on mountains may be unforeseeable.

10. Shopping

Shopping, whether window shopping or sparing some money to get your favorite dress, also fits as a recreational activity you can do without hurting the environment. Going into the company of your friends sure heightens the fun as you try things on repeatedly. Make sure to patronize shops that package goods in paper bags.

Overall, the aforementioned recreational activities do not involve the introduction of any unnatural factor in your pursuit of pleasure. These activities are for your gratification, exercise, and the chance to relish the beauty of nature. So, we endorse them.