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The modern world comes with numerous challenges which in most cases it promotes sedentary lifestyle

The modern world comes with numerous challenges which in most cases it promotes sedentary lifestyle. Engaging in physical activity is one remedy for promoting good health and also keeping lifestyle diseases at bay. It’s an activity that requires hard work and commitment of you have to see results. The emotional well being of this activity is way out of this world. The interaction with nature relieves you of stress and depression symptoms. No one wakes up to become a professional cycler; it starts with passion and consistency on the wheels. You only need to have the right protective gear and you are good to go. When you do it as a group or a community you get to have more and more physical and emotional benefits.

History of cycling

Cycling dates back in 1868 when there was a metre race in Saint Cloud Paris. The bicycle had two rubber tyres. Over time, the kind of bicycles has changed.

Initially the two wheeled machines could only ride well on a gentle slope or a flat land; currently we have bikes that go against the gradient.

The first cycling club started in the United States in 1887.  It is through its sponsorship to national an international champion that includes the Olympics that popularized the sport.

At this stage most people now could cycle to practice for competition but most families now used it as a recreation activity since not all could be cyclers.

 Many companies now took the initiative to organize cycling activities as part of their team building actions for the benefits that came with it.

It was now evident that cycling was the in thing to appoint people now used it as a form of transport to commute to work. Third world countries and emerging economies now embraced it as an income generating activity where they used it to transport people.

Professional bikers also took it to show status.

The government in Europe saw the insurgence and now designated specific places where cyclers could use to commute or recreate to avoid traffic congestion and unnecessary accidents.

Currently, we are in the era of cycling craze. It’s like when you don’t cycle you are out of place. The congestion and strict timelines that comes with digital life.

The sedentary lifestyle can only be dealt with when more people engage in physical activities.

Going to the gym has become unsustainable simple because of the cost and time. Therefore cycling takes center stage as the cheapest and easy form of exercise that has all the fun.

 You can also engage with family and also community to enjoy the benefits that come with it.

Benefits of Cycling

  1. An easier way of commuting

Are you tired of traffic jams? Are you too busy to work out? Do you know that cycling is way better that the cardiovascular workouts in the workout centre? Why not use the time you get to work and only change your mode of transport

  1. Sharpens one’s mind

The level of energy you have when you begin cycling increases with time.

Cycling as you take care of the motorists and also your environment as you also enjoy the breeze and fun that comes with the activity sharpens your mind. It improves your creativity level and also improves your memory.

  1. Builds your confidence

The fact that you can manoeuvre on the streets with other vehicles as you ride your bike gives you another level of confidence. Cycling activities at competitive levels is also a plus in boosting your confidence. Sex therapists attest to the fact those men who cycle more have a high sexual function –what a way to boost one’s ego?

  1. A weight loss strategy

The time you take while on the bike is your time to sit and relax enjoying unhealthy snacks. Similarly, as you cycle you also burn some calories which end up accumulating as fat. After a bike ride, you are tired to appoint eating isn’t a priority but bathing and enjoying a good sleep. You have no excess calorie consumption.

  1. Promotes quality sleep

Physical exercise directly promotes proper sleep since the brain muscles relax after cycling. Since it’s a cardio respiratory fitness activity, it positively affects the sleep patterns.

A good sleep means you have a productive day ready to face any life challenges that come along the way with all the soberness it deserves.

  1. Prolongs one’s life

Study shows that people who cycle have a longer life span since it’s a form of exercise. This is better for men compared to women.

 If you want to look young then cycling should be your next hobby. The results are better for the elderly population.

  1. Saves the environment

When everyone understand the benefits that comes with cycling while enjoying nature, it is easy for people to preserve the natural habitat to its natural glory

Cycling is not a sport, it’s a lifestyle.


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