Jun 28 2019

What Happens If You Cycle Daily And Workout Daily

May 31 2019

Is It Safe To Wash a Bike With Softened Water?

Are you a fun of sporting activities?

If that’s the case, which sporting gadgets to you use while undertaking your daily activities? Just to offer you a piece of advice, a bike is perhaps one of the best sporting gadgets that you should never miss due to the numerous benefits it offers. In order to boost the detoxification process in your body, then engaging in workouts with your bike can be a great way to do so. This can be done well when you take a ride or cycle around the mountainous areas or winding paths. When it comes to cutting weight, bikes provide a good opportunity for people to reduce and maintain a healthy body through an easy task. The movement of various body organs as one cycles cuts the excess fats thereby reducing excess weight.

However, as you cycle with your bike, its evident that it will get dirty whether you are riding in wet or dry paths and therefore, cleaning is the next big thing that you need to in order to keep it safe and efficient on its functioning. The question is, Is it safe to wash a bike with softened water? The right answer to your question is Yes because of various reasons.

First and foremost, washing a bike with softened water increase the durability of your bike. This can be attributed to the fact that soft water is free from salty ions that can easily corrode both metallic and plastic parts of your bike. It’s beyond doubt that most bikes easily wear out simply because of the corroding effects of various substances which are contained in it. As a result, cracks will start appearing and develop at a faster rate. Soft water maintains the quality original nature of your bike’s parts.

Secondly, most people prefer using bikes for fun and leisure activities by engaging in sporting activities with friends. In such occasions, the user will always need to be noticed by others. Therefore, in order to maintain a high profile, your home’s need to be in a good state and shining. Using softened water to wash your bike keeps it shining all day, unlike hard water which covers the bike with scum thereby making it look dull. Additionally, softened water ensures that the paint on your bike remains intact and bright. Using hard water corrodes the paint which makes it look old and boring. A shining bike builds the riding morale within an individual.

Thirdly, a lot of soap is usually spent while washing your bike using hard water. The scum formed as you try to produce the foam necessary for washing the bike makes it hard for one to make the foam and therefore using a lot of soap. This increase the cost of soap which increases the expenses of washing your bike. However, softened water is cost effective and easily produces foam, therefore, saving time and money.

Last but not least, soft water helps in maintaining the moving parts of your bike in good condition which makes it always efficient. Therefore, avoid maintenance and other expenses by using softened water. Find out more about the best salt-free water softer for your selection from online reviews.

May 31 2019

Mig-welders: The Best Tool For Bike Frame Repair

If you are that proud owner of a bike, then you should also think of acquiring a MIG-welder. Mig welders do offer the user with actually amazing benefits and also the best welding experience. Mig welding is actually an electronic welding process that uses a wire or rather a spool of a continuously fed wire hence allowing you to have the stretches of long metals joined together without actually stopping! With Mig-welders, the electrode is fed onto the weld at a controlled rate. The MIG welding ensures that there is no contamination of the rode by the environment since it has a blanket of inert argon gas that actually shields the weld zone.

Mig welders are actually the best tool for bike frame repair since they are actually designed for quality and durability! The quality is actually assured by the prevention of the contamination from the external gases using the inert argon blanket gas. This might-welding can also be used in all thickness hence making it a better choice than the rest.

Among the best benefits that we get when we choose the MIG-welders includes;

  • The ability to produce very high-quality welds at a faster and convenient time
  • It also makes good use of the gas shields that will ensure that the weld is protected and hence no loss of the alloying elements.
  • The entrapment of the slag is easily reduced by the absence of the flux in this welding. The flux is not used with the MIG welding hence assuring quality welds.
  • The greatest advantage of Mig-welders is the ability to be used with many metals! This versatility advantage makes it be the only choice that warrants the best convenience.
  • Variety of the operations modes of the MiG-welders makes it also another reason why you should choose them! They can be semi or even fully automatic.

MIG welding types of equipment includes the welding gun, a shielding gas supply and also a reliable power source that easily secured. The wire drive system is also included that will ensure that the wire electrode is pulled and pushed into the welding gun. You may also require a source of cooling water The cooling water will be used for cooling the welding gun. Other important tools that are included in the Mig welders are the mug rods ovens that are also used to store the electrodes!

Most MIG welders use the direct current since the direct current always yields a stable arc. Other benefits of the direct current that is used by the MIG-welders are the smooth metal transfer, low spatter loss and also other weld bead characteristics. This is really very beneficial hence making it a better option and best for your bike frame repair.

There are only a few demerits associated with the MIG welders. They include;

  • The equipment is really very complex
  • Cannot be used in overheat welding positions.

To conclude, MIG welding is really the best choice for quality welds. Be sure to have the effective repair of your bike frame parts effectively with this amazing welding plan. Mig welders are designed for quality and durability and you really won’t have to be buying a new one every now and then!

Feb 18 2019

Why You Should Have A Gun While Biking

A pre-requisite that must not be missed! Those who love biking will tell you what a phenomenal experience it is to be able to enjoy the wilderness as if the place you are in is embracing you in its sanctity. Usually, where one would like to bike is either in a mountain region where one can enjoy the sunset or somewhere away from the commute. It is not a biking experience after all if you are muddled up on a busy street.

But, going into the areas which are aloof and where civilization is not much, such areas can pose great dangers. The mountain region especially, is where one needs to take care of The threat is not only from the wildlife but also from the “miscreants’. that may be on the loos. It happens all the time where innocent people have become the victim of such might.

There are good chances that one can get attacked by a wild bear or an antelope jumping out of nowhere. You are entering their natural habitat. It is only obvious that you can have a close encounter with wildlife. In such situations, it can make one freeze. People often lose their ability to think or take quick actions. When we are not ready, it can make us highly vulnerable. You may never know what could happen. So, now the question arises! How to protect oneself?

There is no better way to stay protected other than keeping oneself well-equipped with arms. You need to carry some kind of weapon that can be of use when such situations arise. While you are biking alone or with a bunch of your folks, always carry build AR 10 sniper rifle. It is not only for your safety but for the people you care as well.

Armed robberies are a common thing in the mountain regions where innocent people are mugged and sometimes are left injured. It is difficult to assess if the pedestrian walking nearby or sitting on a bench is a good person. He may be there waiting for his next bait. You can be his next hunt! They are always waiting for someone to pass by and steal their bikes or whatever they have in their possession.

The person will attach, knock you down where you may be left seriously injured. As these are secluded regions far from the city it is a possibility that you may not get timely help. You either left to cope up on your own or wait for someone to pass by so that you can get help. This is risky, and everything will depend on “chance”. A simple biking experience can turn out to be a complete nightmare. Why be left at the possibility of “chances’?

This can happen to anybody. Your loved ones, near and dears and people you may know can be at risk while biking alone. What is the point of regretting later when it is already too late? It leaves one devastated when a simple precaution of keeping oneself armed for safety is not taken seriously. You do not need to have firearms with you, just one simple build AR 10 sniper rifle that can save you from the monstrosity that there may be.

So be wise, keep your eyes and ears open and stay armed!

Dec 21 2018

Why Cyclist needs AR scopes

AR-15, as we all know, is a modern sporting rifle. It is widely misunderstood as it looks like the military rifles. However, this rifle doesn’t function the same way. Being one of the famous firearms, the ArmaLite product works like the usual semi-automatic civilian sporting firearms. It fires one round with one trigger pull. AR-15 rifles are known for their accuracy as well as versatility, and reliability. Indeed, target shooters and hunters who have used these all-weather firearms can readily attest to that Finding the right scope for your factory AR-15 is a must if you wish to have a better chance at shots. Here are some reasons why.

Improve Accuracy

Even the best shooters/hunters sometimes need a good scope to improve the accuracy and reliability of their rifles. There are scopes with ample magnification to something weightless. According to your expertise and requirement, you can choose the best scope to help with your target. If you buy the right scope for your AR-15, you will find the observation task easier, regardless of the distance or field of view. A rifle like the AR 15 is designed to take long-range shooting, and its precision is excellent. This is why it needs a high-end tactical scope.

Save Your Time and Be Safe

Aiming at a target without scope means the task is going to complex. Regardless of your experience, you may end up taking an inaccurate shot at the target. Lining up the goal with any sight takes time, given the issues in elevation, windage and other factors that further complicate the task. Focusing on the objects and calculating its distance is a challenging job, especially, for the older eyes. Using an AR-15 scope saves your time and ensures you don’t lose your prey.

Longer Range

A range is one of the crucial factors when it comes to shooting. Apart from getting you a timely shot, a scope enhances your shooting experience by helping you with a long shot. When it comes to tasks like animal hunting, you may not always be able to take a shot at everything within a closed perimeter. However, your apparent inexperience in taking long-range shots could put you in a dangerous position, and as a wise shooter, you cannot take such risks. You can choose the right rifle scope that gives you the comfort to shoot from any rang. This way, you are also promised a higher success rate as well

Good Scores

With a powerful AR-15, you may be training yourself to ace the upcoming shooting competition. Here, you should invest in a better scoreboard for a better assessment of your skills.

If you want to be at the top, you cannot take chances to miss shots. In such situations, a rifle scope may come in handy. You can make sure that you are closer to your target and get an edge in the competition.

The Confident Shooter

Whether you are a novice shooter or an experienced one, confidence is necessary while handling powerful weapons like AR-15. Here, your confidence defines how good of a shooter you are

Rather than confusing yourself on mounting your rifle at the right angle and taking a proper shot, it is wise to choose a scope. The right scope will boost your confidence and that, in turn, improve your skills.

Some shooters may consider rifle scopes an unnecessary option to invest in. However, you should understand that the scope has various advantages and can help you handle the toughest of situations.

Also, only a shooter can understand the condition and precision of their rifle. Keeping that in mind, choose• best rifle scope and boost your chances of becoming a top shooter.

Aug 25 2018

St. Louis, Missouri Bike Trails

There are many bike trails, as well as the many well-paved roads in the St. Louis area, to spend a warm summer’s day, just pedaling away. The following links will take you to these trails, and give you a place to escape on those cold Midwestern winter nights. The master plan is to eventually construct over 200 miles of interconnecting trails in the Bi-State region for commuting or just riding. And, on the Illinois side of the river, a 450 mile network of trails extending to Chicago.

The centerpiece of this system will be the Old Route 66/Chain-of-Rocks Bridge across the Mississippi River. This bridge provides the only truly bike-friendly crossing for cross-country touring cyclists for several hundred miles.